Dear David 
Through my membership of your matchmaking organisation, I am getting to know the lovely lady you introduced me to. We are already good companions which I hope will progress to a full life together. 
I am sure that you will bring hope to other lonely souls and want to say that I think you are doing a great job! 
Yours sincerely 

Hi David 
Happy New Year! 
We often talk about how we met since we became 'an item'.....so thanks David for your part in this......we'll let you know how it goes (but it is already six months now!!!) 
All the best 

Dear David 
Never give up on love - it does happen again! We have found compatibility, friendship and love ....I can't thank you enough for the introduction. 

Hi David 
As you found a husband for my daughter you obviously have the magic touch......When can I meet with you for a consultation? 
Best wishes 

Thanks David - You have provided me with a beautiful partner.Mark

Dear David 
Thanks to your help some two years ago Juliet and i love each other and we live together. We plan to marry soon. Mo

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